Around 5 years ago my game was in pretty poor shape and Mark was recommended to me.  I had regular lessons over a period of a couple of years during which time Mark rebuilt my swing.  It was hard work for me as I’m inclined to be impatient and not the best of listeners……and it was probably hard work for Mark too!! Mark has great patience and an ability to break the swing down into easy segments and gives you clear pictures of what you are trying to achieve.  Golf became a pleasure for me again.  I had not been able to keep the lessons going when Mark moved away and my game started to suffer in the last few months. I am delighted that Mark is back at the Driving Range and after a couple of recent lessons he has got me back on track and I’m looking forward to regular lessons again to keep me thinking clearly about what I need to be doing.

John Moody


Mark has been teaching my son golf for the last four years and I would highly recommend him. He has a great way of teaching children and understanding them regarding  the importance of enjoyment yet concentration throughout the lesson. My nine year old has an ongoing love of the sport which I can see will continue and this I can say is mainly due to Mark's dedication to golf and his teaching.  

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Jane Devereaux


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